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Description: It wasn't my proudest moment when the new cleaning lady Noemilk walked into my clinic and found me sleeping naked on the floor, after a long, horrible night. I hadn't meant to spend it on the floor of my clinic, but she was understanding when I explained the depths of debauchery I'd fallen to after my wife kicked me out. Between having seen me naked, and knowing I needed to be cheered up, Noemilk moved in to give me a hug. One thing led to another, and we were fooling around right there in my office. Noemilk got on her knees, and wrapped her dick-sucking lips around my cock, I was so horny to get in her ebony pussy, I could barely stand it. Noemilk bent over my desk, I buried my face in her bubble butt and started licking both her sweet holes from behind. Noemilk returned the favor, she sucked me off like a vacuum, somehow I held in my load long enough to pound her pussy until she was screaming with pleasure for every inch!