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Duration: 7:00 Views: 2 386 Submitted: 1 week ago
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Description: This weeks babe is as they say "Easy on the eye" to say the least. 19 year old Candy had been most vexed to discover that she was too short to be a supermodel and had been wisely advised by her local purveyor of Doner Kebab, Stavros, that porn might be a fortuitous career move. Whilst slicing the Doner meat, suddenly, with great aplomb he pronounced, "I can see it in the meat, the signs are all there, look how the gristle and fat join together and form a river of crud, it can only mean one thing, with my help you will be a porn star!" Anyway, I foolishly tittered at this incredible tale and was swiftly chastised by the lovely Candy with, "Well I'm here aren't I?" Giving it some thought, my brethren, I concluded that maybe there is some Truth passed down by the Ancients. Maybe signs can be read in the folds of fat and gristle in the Doner meat lumps you see slowly revolving in Kebab houses, who knows? Anyway, Candy will have you tearing your dicks off in lust and I must add that she truly adored my cock and gazed at it in a way often seen in the crazed eyes of newly converted Christians!