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Duration: 7:00 Views: 2 936 Submitted: 2 years ago
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Description: Its another beautiful day here in sunny California! Today I'm meeting my friend Mike Sparx for lunch and maybe some fun stuff after. I get there late but she didn't mind. She was finishing lunch and looking super adorable. What she was wearing was leaving little to the imagination: short shorts, no bra and a short that let her side boob hang out. Side boob is so under rated! Well we talked and I got her to flash me a couple times so I knew she was interested in doing more. We walked behind this strip mall and got to see more and even convinced her to suck my dick. It was amazing but I needed more so we left and I got some road head and finally reached my place where She showed me her whole perfect body, sucked my cock some more and spread her pussy wide while I fucked her on the couch. After 3 BJs and some great pussy I came all in her face and left her gooey!