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Fake Agent UK - Divine Brooklyn Blue gives head to a horny playmate

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 3 899 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
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Description: It's a sunny day and my local garage didn't overcharge me for sorting my motor, how could it get any better? Well I'll tell you how, in one word... Brooklyn. When you talk to a bird on the blower you get a sort of mental picture of a girl, but my mental picture didn't do the physical form any justice. Wow, what a stunner. Long blonde hair, curvy, great ass and oh my God, what a pair of tits. During the interview she says she's already done porn and is looking for more sex work. Well, you ain't going to get a job from me love, but you will get a damn good fucking. Anyway, I give her the old 3 grand a day speech and she's gagging for a bit of it. So I get her to strip and she reveals a fantastic tanned body with enormous breasts. After getting her all nice and wet with a bit of pussy play, I get her to give my a head job, and what a head job, it was like unleashing a starving bear on my cock. Wow. Then I thought I need to get my cock right between those massive knockers for a sloppy old tit wank. Again, wow, probably the best tit wank I've ever had, she really knew how to work those tits around my cock. At this point I was thinking I better had get some pussy action soon, before I cum. So I set about fucking her from behind to start with, then into a bit of classic missionary and even the inverted Daley for a little bit. Then it hit me, if my nuts were a canon, the fuse was lit and ready to blow. I needed to unload my balls and fast, all over her face. What a sticky mess, and she fucking loved it.