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Duration: 7:00 Views: 2 604 Submitted: 1 year ago
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Description: <span class='style3'>Ahoy Mate'! Tis captain T-Bone at the helm again!</span> Butters and me were cruising the strip a little late looking for a maiden in distress but were having no luck and packed it up when a fellow Pirate gave me a tip about <span class='style3'>a delectable little Sucia (Spanish 101. Sucia = Dirty Slut)</span> for me and Buttters to sink our teeth into. Argitty Arg!!! <span class='style3'>Her name was Nakita</span> and she was deserted by her friends. We all know that???s the easiest way to bag a girl: lonely and vulnerable so we had to attack quickly before someone else tried to talk to her or before... I dare not say, her friend called back or found her. <span class='style3'>She said she was trying to get into something for the night</span> so we invited her over to see if Butters could get to HER for the night. She was at the beach earlier and had a bathing suit on under her sleek black dress so we asked if we could get a little peek at the goods and let me tell you the goods were really good. <span class='style3'>Round and perky tits</span>. We got her home and out of that dress and <span class='style3'>she had ass for fucking days</span> so Butters gave her dick... for about a 1/2 hour. Nakita is a tight one so Stud Vicious took it slow in the beginning but they were on fire by the end and before we dropped her off Butters made sure she wouldn't be cold with a warm load on her tits!