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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 488 Submitted: 12 months ago
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Description: Natalia Starr is trying to help her husband get that promotion byhis boss over for dinner. He is a nervous wreck but his wife... Tall, blonde, slender, and with legs that connect to a heart shaped ass that makes any dick she walks by instantly stand up. Well, she has a plan to help her husband back into that promotion. The three of them are drinking wine and suddenly they are all out and she wants more, but so does the boss man. Her husband wanting to please the boss runs out to get another bottle. That???s when his wife who is wearing a sweet black frock stands up and offers the boss sex for her husband???s promotion. He says you???re not the first to offer this to me. She says, I???m offering you my asshole. And she says it in that suggestive soft womanly way. The boss heads to her bedroom where she disrobes and agrees to be h sexy fuck toy. He gets to it sticking her ass like a pincushion and talking like a powerful boss to a slut rag doll. He fucks her and is basically slamming her body on the bed and twisting her legs like a pretzel whilehis way with her asshole. The whole time she is making the sexiest noises and telling him to fuck her asshole over and over in that voice that makes your dick go crazy. Nothing was better than the creamy load that crowned her brown eye towards the end though, it???s definitely a must see!