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Description: Amara Romani is one of the luckiest teens on the planet. She has a loving stepfather who gives her almost everything she wants. On a weekly basis she can expect to receive the keys to the car, a new cell phone, stepdaddys credit card, spa treatments, and even just a handful of cash! All her stepdad expects in return is her everlasting love and to good in school. Unfortunately, Amara came home one day with an F on a project. He had no choice but to slap her wrists and send her to her bedroom. This made Amara want to rebel. The next day she approached her stepfather telling him that she wants a baby, and she will even fuck the neighbor if she has to! Stepfather could not have this. If she wanted a baby, it would have to be by him. Amara got down on her knees and began to suck her stepdad just right. This load was going to be a winner. Stepdad fucked Amaras pussy like he meant it nd his semen leaked out of her pussy beautifully. Sometimes they say you can???t always get what you want, but when you are as hot as Amara Romani anything is possible!