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Night full of passion with an alluring young brunette diva Cici Amor

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 3 762 Submitted: 4 months ago
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Description: Your friends at Oyeloca don't disappoint. We have the freshest up and coming Latina teen with us today. Cici Amor met with us today for a little English 101. She so damn cute. A tiny little brunette with the most innocent smile and tightest body. We went over the basics; hard, slow, fuck, suck, fast, and bitches. She's learning everything really fast. After going over vocab she wanted to put these new terms she learned into use so Johnny was nice enough to grant Cici her wish. Little did she know she was granting our wish. She's a fast learner and when she was on her knees she started licking and sucking like a natural. Deepthroating and spitting on it. Good girl. She has some sexy moves to and bounced that pussy up and down. I love a girl that can shake her hips!