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Startling booty blonde Odessa Marley bends over and gets banged by the pool

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 456 Submitted: 2 years ago
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Description: Odessa the blonde bombshell blessed us with her presence today. I had her come in and clean my house for a good part of 5 minutes before she jumped her round ass into the pool. This Puerto Rican Mami didn???t clean all that well but she did know how to fuck like a crazy person. She was open to any idea we had so we asked her about Puerto Rican women and she gave us the low down: there pussies are hotter and that???s why the sex is so much better! I wanted to see for myself so I got her to oil her heavenly body up and shake her ass a bit before we went inside to meet my boy Jason. Before we went in she told me she thought I was gay! I last thing I am is gay. Why would I film hot ass bitches getting fucked? Any way the two crazy kids met and kept introductions short because they both knew what they wanted; hot steamy fucking, and I know that???s exactly what we want too!