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Insatiable latin brunette teenager Yolanda Garcia is horny and reaches a huge orgasm

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 4 152 Submitted: 8 months ago
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Description: Colombia can looks kinda shitty sometimes, especially when its been raining for like 3 days straight. So we left to the mall but got side tracked when we pulled up to a sexy dark skinned girl walking in the rain. She kinda looked like Rihanna but we knew it was her. She said she was and kept on the charade so we let her to see how far she would go. We offered her a ride to our place so she could get dry and call the airport to pick her up. Once there we asked her more questions to see just how far she wanted to take this. Now usually we wouldn't mess with a girl who is pretending to be a celebrity but she was pretty cute and had a nice fat ass so we let her keep going. We asked her some sexual questions and we think we cracked her because she was letting us touch her and feel on her ass. Maybe she was fulfilling some fantasy. Who knows? All I know is this chick was on her knees sucking and fucking in no time!