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Naked busty blonde perfection Darcy Tyler enjoys tasting the fucker's well done-cock

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Duration: 6:00 Views: 3 761 Submitted: 4 months ago
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Description: Marcus Mojo and Darcy Tyler have been hometown sweethearts for some time now.,It's been great all this while, exceptin' for one thing; Darcy ain't never got no appropriate time for fuckin'!,That's why Marcus has to get a little crafty some of the time.,Today he's takin' his honey for a ride off the beaten path, to a secluded little place the sheriff don't even know about.,It's the perfect spot for Darcy to get on her knees and wrap that purdy little mouth around Marcus's fat dick for some long, deep sucking.,When old Darcy gets a hold of that strong cock, she don't like to let go very easy.,Watch Marcus take the time to enjoy her as he eases his firm erection in and lets loose a wild pounding that will only leave Darcy looking forward to their next rendezvous, pardon my French.,Enjoy!