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Beguiling gal Brittany Amber who wants to be skillful is sucking fucker's chopper like a pro

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Duration: 6:00 Views: 4 884 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
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Description: Brittany Amber is dressed to the nines and is all ready to go out. Damian, however, is stripped to a tee and clearly going nowhere any time soon. Brittany asks him one more time if he'd like to go out and Damian asks her one more time if she'd like to stay in... well, he doesn't so much as ask as much as he just begins to go down on her, stripping her garment by garment until she is naked as the day she started and she relents to the what will follow. Taking his cock into her mouth, slurping it down and gagging on it, she appears enthusiatic for someone who need convincing, so Damian bends her over the side of the bed and fucks and thrusts and squeezes and grabs with all his might as Brittany takes the pounding and begs for more, stroking his cock and sucking the head and then plunging back inside for Damian to fuck her more, until he is so worked up and ready to shoot that he drenches her with a load, ruining her make up and salting her with semen all over body.Brittany realizes if she really wants to go out, she's goa have to get ready all over again. Then again, what's the need in going out anymore?Enjoy!