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Description: Samira (38 mins) Samira is a cute petite brunette who enjoys a good stiff cock! She was very suspicious of the cameras when she initially walked in. I don't think she liked the fact that I was recording the interview and was asking a lot of questions about the situation. I had to explain that they were just for the benefit of my clients which would enable her to get work quickly and she accepted it. She was very interested in finding work because she didn't have a job and needed money. I met her by chance in a restaurant and I automatically knew she would be an awesome candidate for a casting interview because she was so outgoing and beautiful. I gave her my business card and waited for the call. It didn't take long and she was in my office the same day enquiring about work. I explained to her that I needed to make a short video of her so my clients could see how she could move in front of the camera... She seemed unfazed by the whole situation and before long she was playing with herself on the couch as I was stroking my cock on top of her... Her body was so tight and petite I couldn't wait to slip inside her. I pounded her over my desk and for the cumshot sprayed my juice all over her small ass. Another classic casting.