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Description: Well I had a very interesting day the other day. I wanted to get out of South Beach and check out the other side of town, see what kind of honeys I could pull out there. Prowling as usual looking for my next prey. So Im walking on the sidewalk and this hot girl is just walking, looking at her phone while she is texting, so I figure let me bump into her and make it seem like it's all her fault. I bump into her and say exuse me, she's all laughing very gullible like a usual hot blonde. I start asking if she knows where South Beach is, and she happens to live there. She just doesn't know how to give directions because she takes the bus. She offers to show me the way, and there I knew I was going to have a good day. So Anita, thats her name happened to be a stripper who supposedly gave good head. I told her A-nita some head and A-nita some sex, and she started laughing. I stopped in this hotel on Biscayne, told her I thought that was South Beach the whole time. I crack myself up, she actually fell for that one. We go to the hotel room, and I tell her A-nita a blow job, so she starts undressing, I tell her to strip for me, when she takes off her pants, she happens to have a pretty big ass for a white girl. It was really hot. Great fucking tits too. She started sucking on my cock, licking my balls, it was good head. I ended up fucking the shit out of her pussy, because she was really tight, and kept saying my cock was too big. I fucked the shit out of her, and once I was done I came all over that pretty face of hers. I took her to the store, and once she got off, I left. It was classic.