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Female Agent - Pretty floosy enjoys passionate sex with her lad

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Description: Greg (37 mins). Greg was a good looking guy who aspired to be a cameraman and had responded to our fake advert online. I decided to put his skills to the test and I handed the reigns of one of my cameras over to him and told him to film me and direct me to do whatever he wanted. To be honest, he wasn't very creative and I had to push him in all the right directions. I soon had him hornier then a rabbit in the height of summer, as I slowly masturbated in front of him and he soon agreed to try and do the acting side as well as the cameraman position. I got the camera back off him and filmed him sucking and licking my pussy before he finger fucked me, all under my direction. I gave him back the camera then so he could film me sucking and licking his cock. I've always had a talent for blowjobs and I swallowed his entire length, letting him face fuck me and almost bruise my lungs. I was desperately wet now and needed his length inside me. He began to fuck me in the spoon position, but no sooner had we started then it was over. This useless male had cum almost straight away after sticking his cock in my tight pussy. I was not very happy and made sure he knew it. I demanded that he lick em out until I came but he turned out to be useless at this as well so I threw him out of my office. It was then down to me to take care of myself, but luckily, no one makes me cum like I do and I brought my self to a very satisfying climax.